Port Logistics Career College

Over the last five years, the College has successfully developed local, regional and national links with the Maritime sector, opening its Port Academy Liverpool building in 2016 and becoming an active contributor to the debate about sectorial growth.

Building upon the legacy of the Maritime Superskills project, the College is aiming to develop an employer-led programme – the Port Logistics Career College – that will train young people, providing them with the formal learning and work experience they need to commence a successful career in the sector.

The College will run the project in partnership with STC International, maritime and logistics educational specialists based in the Netherlands, with the Career College Trust supporting setting up the project. Once in operation, the Career College Trust will support the quality assurance of the project, becoming the College’s third formal ‘Career College’, joining ‘Hospitality and the Visitor Economy’ and ‘Health’.

By 2025, learners will be able to enrol on a popular, highly valued, employer-enriched Port Logistics T Level pathway at the College, accessing extensive work experience in the UK and abroad that will support them to gain high quality employment within the sector.

For more information about the Port Logistics Career College, please email shulah.jones@hughbaird.ac.uk.