These are the members of the ship management team and with the prospect of sophisticated and expensive vessels, valuable cargo or passengers in their charge, carry great responsibility.


These are the support staff on board who work under the guidance of the Officers in the operation of the ship and they are an important part of the ship’s team.

Navigation (deck)

This department handles the navigation, communications, cargo, passengers and overall running of the ship.

Engineering (and electrical)

This department operates and maintains all of the mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment on board a ship.

Catering, Hospitality and Support Services

Passenger ferries, cruise liners and super yachts all require some level of catering and hospitality support. Modern cruise ships and passenger ferries are run on the lines of a large hotel, and a whole range of hotel and catering, hospitality and support services is needed on board. Specific roles vary from company to company but generally prior qualifications and experience in hotel, catering or hospitality work are necessary.

Port Academy Liverpool, working with the L20 Hotel School offers a whole range of courses that can be geared towards a life working at sea. We can provide you with the training and certification needed to enter in to a career in the cruise liner industry.

Below are the types of jobs you could find on board cruise and passengers ships, however this is not an exhaustive list.


(often called ‘pursers’)
Receptionists, bookeepers, PA’s and office based staff.

Maitre d’hotel, waiting staff, wine steward.

Chefs, catering assistants.

Bar manager, bar staff, cocktail waiters.

Housekeepers, stewards, cleaners, porters, laundry personnel, carpenters & joiners, concierges.

Other passenger service roles include cruise directors, casino staff, DJ’s, dancers, entertainers, excursion managers, hairdressers, beauticians, massage therapists, sports and fitness instructors, childcare assistant, doctor, nurse, lifeguard, retail manager, retail assistant, photographer, florist, computer system/IT manager & computer technician.

In addition to relevant qualifications and experience, you’ll need a bright personality, an efficient manner and a sincere commitment to providing top quality customer service. If you think you fit the bill then contact us to discuss which course is right for you at or 0151 353 4518.